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El romero sostenible​​​​​​​

Our commitments


In 2019 we officially became the first restaurant in Spain to receive 2 stars in the FoodMadeGood certification. the most representative sustainability seal at the international level and a global movement with more than 10,000 restaurants in the world.

We are proud to meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental responsibility.



Our objective is that more than 50% of the vegetables we use are organically certified. Starting from 2020 all the wines of our winery-except for those from Menorca-are organic or biodynamic, with a wide selection of natural ones. We also serve organic coffee, teas and fruit juices.


Our menu is created to be accessible to a wide variety of people: vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. We are happy to give different options in order to satisfy our customers' needs. Furthermore, we provide information on the ingredients of our dishes, the allergens and whether they are organic or not.



We serve only fresh wild fish and prawns from Menorca.The vast majority of our food and ingredients (included many wines and a beer label) is sourced from Menorca or Mallorca. We buy directly from farms, local fishermen and producers, whenever is possible, in order to create a close relationship and trust with our environment.



We do not serve fish that is under threat (IUCN Red List). We serve only anchovies and sardines from certified sustainable fishing by the MSC organization (Marine Stewardship Council). We serve mussels, oyster and clams from aquaculture because it is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly industries.


Our food is nutritional and made with no-processed ingredients. We focus on the quality and provenance of each and every raw material. We source food for its quality (freshness, flavour, respect for local varieties). We change the menu according to the seasonality of the products in order to offer the best food in every moment. All our fried dishes are palm oil-free and gluten-free.



We buy fresh ingredients daily and we prefer finishing a product rather than lowering the quality or wasting food!



We use returnable glass bottles for water, soft drinks and beer (except for a minimum takeaway bottles), so that we recycle the 93% of the drinks packaging we serve (the average in the Balearic Islands is 35%). No returnable bottles such as wines and fruit juices are separated and recycled in the appropriate glass containers. We use recyclable napkins, bags and biodegradable straws. We do not have air-conditioning (Menorca is called the island of the wind and naturally provides adequate ventilation in our restaurant). All our bulbs are led or low consumption.