Signature seafood restaurant

In order to offer a unique experience around a table, we prepare our Mediterranean dishes with love and care: a fish and seafood restaurant with a touch of creativity and digressions towards the vegetable garden where authentic and delicious flavors are hidden.

From the Fish market to the table

Every morning we buy the freshest local products at the Mahón Fish Market (Mercat de Peix). Most fish and seafood we serve come from ​​Menorca.

Market cuisine

We change the menu according to the seasonality of the products from sea and land and it is through this collaboration with the local fishermen and farmers that we search the roots of a sustainable, healthy and proximity cuisine. In this link you will find some of the fishermen and farmers with whom we collaborate!

100% Gluten-free restaurant

Through the special care we take to eliminate any trace of cross contamination we have become a “Gluten-free restaurant” recognized by FACE and Celíacs de Catalunya and our entire menu is suitable for coeliacs.


From the planning and creation of the recipes, through the best wine pairing and ending with the table service, everything in the restaurant is the result of the joint effort, dedication and passion of our team.

Menorca is a small island but rich in high quality ingredients: our obsession is to look for those humble and simple products of the sea and the earth that can tell the story of this place.

Welcome to our cuisine inspired by the sea!

Francesca y Fabio


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