We were born sustainable, this is why we naturally became the first restaurant on the island to obtain the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand, the official seal of sustainability for the island’s products and services.


For visitors and residents, this seal is a guarantee that, by opting for a certified restaurant, they are creating a positive environmental, cultural, social and economic impact.

This is how we work:

Quality ingredients, healthy cooking

We are what we eat and that is why we focus on the quality and origin of raw materials, opting for the best products.

That is why we always source the food for its freshness, flavor and respect for local varieties. Our dishes are light, nutritious and made up of unprocessed ingredients. We change the menu according to the seasonality of the sea and land to offer the best ingredients at all times. All our menu is GMO free and gluten-free, suitable for coeliacs.

Local product, flavors of Menora

We only use fresh wild fish and crustaceans from Menorca. The vast majority of our food and ingredients, including a wide variety of wines and the beer, come from the island.

We buy directly from farms, local fishermen and producers, whenever is possible, in order to create a close relationship and trust with our environment.

We use organic ingredients

We serve organic, ancient grains bread. Our goal is that more than 50% of the vegetables we use are organically certified.

Starting from 2020 all the wines of our winery-except for those from Menorca-are organic or biodynamic, with a wide selection of natural ones. We also serve organic coffee, teas and fruit juices.

We take care of the sea

As a seafood restaurant, we serve mussels, oysters and clams from aquaculture, which is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly industries.

We do not serve fish that is under threat (IUCN Red List). We only buy anchovies and sardines from certified sustainable fishing by the MSC organization (Marine Stewardship Council) or other recognised associations.

We fight against food waste

From the planning of the menu to the size of our dishes, everything is designed to reduce any food waste.

We buy fresh ingredients daily and we prefer that a product is finished rather than lowering the quality or wasting food!

We use 100% green energy

We have contracted energy that comes exclusively from certified 100% renewable energy sources that avoid CO2 emissions.

Green energy has a Guarantee of Origin certification from the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC). We only use led lights and we try not to use A / C (Menorca, the island of the wind, naturally provides adequate ventilation in our restaurant).

We recycle our packaging

We use returnable glass bottles for water, soft drinks and beer. Last year we recycled more than 93% of the drinks packaging we served.

We use returnable glass bottles for water, soft drinks and beer. Last year we recycled more than 93% of the drinks packaging we served.

And finally … we certify our work!

These criteria conform to the regulation written by the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency and are verified through personalized audits.

The brand is the distinctive seal of sustainability that gives value to the island’s companies that carry out their activity following the criterias of protection of the environment that surrounds them, the identity and culture of Menorca.

In 2019, El romero was also the first restaurant in Spain to obtain two stars from the “Sustainable Restaurant Association” in the FoodMadeGood certification, the most representative sustainability seal in the world of restoration and a global movement with more than 10,000 restaurants.

We are proud to meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental responsibility!

Going to the market every day, taking advice from the producer or fishmonger, visiting the farms that collaborate with us, and the contact with the people that tastes the final product. Everything is a part of this project where we seek synergy with our environment

Equipo El romero


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